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S4. E38. Phase 5: Raving Fans - Inside the Dream Hustle Academy

building relationships business coach course creation entrepreneur mindset matters podcast May 15, 2020

Today's episode covers how to keep your relationships with your clients growing long after that first transaction. The most important thing is to be authentic! Share those struggles, because that's what people relate to the most. Listen up for more info on building those relationships and about the DHA.

The Dream Hustle Academy was built with you in mind, the female entrepreneur who's ready to truly create a life you love helping others with your unique talents and expertise.

This program was carefully crafted to crush confusion by laying out simple to follow steps for you to follow one week at a time.



  • How to keep relationships growing with your clients [1:47]

  • You need to have a balance because that's what being human is [5:33]

  • An overview of the Dream Hustle Academy [6:41]


  • "You need to treat people like your equal, because we are all human" [2:19]
  • "People are attracted to the struggles and the things that make you human" [4:22]


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