S4. E34. Phase 1: Clarity - Inside the Dream Hustle Academy

business coach dream hustle academy entrepreneur online business podcast May 11, 2020

The Dream Hustle Academy was built with you in mind, the female entrepreneur who's ready to truly create a life you love helping others with your unique talents and expertise.

This program was carefully crafted to crush confusion by laying out simple to follow steps for you to follow one week at a time.

In today's episode, we cover step number one, which is becoming clear on who your audience is and what it is that your business provides. Once you become clear on who your ideal client is, you can start to become clear on what it is that you need to create, and how you can get it to your target audience.



  • What we cover in lesson one [3:25]

  • Our ideal client is often a former version of ourselves [5:02]


  • "You need to paint a vision of what you want for yourself and your business" [3:54]
  • "Success is 95% mindest and 5% strategy" [9:44]