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S4. E22. Realtime, unscripted and raw thoughts about COVID19

business coach entrepreneur online coach podcast Mar 16, 2020

In this episode, I share my realtime thoughts, unscripted and raw about what our family is feeling around this crazy and uncertain time. I do believe we will all be ok, I do think we just need to be patient and wait it out... but I'm also seeing how extremely powerful it during a time like this to build something for your family financially that you have full control over... more in today's episode.



  • Having everything taken away makes you realize how much you've taken for granted [3:17]

  • There are so many ways our life can be impacted in a minute [6:28]

  • Start brainstorming ideas of what you could teach or do online [10:55]


  • "I didn't want to wait for someone else to tell me when I could take time off" [4:46]
  • "We can use the online space to create security for us and our families" [7:49]

  • "Maximize the hours that you have in this life and create a life that is bulletproof" [15:15]


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