S4. E21. Kareen Walsh, How to break down your $1,000,000.00 goal.

business coach entrepreneur mentor mindset personal development podcast Mar 09, 2020

I'm back to bringing you some amazing friends who totally align with the dream hustle audience and this first conversation is a great example of that. Kareen Walsh is a business strategist, she's my business strategist and today we talk about how Kareen got her business started, as well she shares her strategies to help you break out your goals and create the roadmap!



  • How Kareen got started in entrepreneurship [3:16]

  • You can plan to make the move before you actually make the move [10:41]

  • Finding out what your zone of genius is will lead to results [14:51]
  • A little about my own journey through entrepreneurship [17:25]

  • How are you going to apply what you've learned to what's next? [22:47]

  • How I started the Dream Hustle brand [28:26]
  • My first investment in a coach [20:29]

  • Have you thought about your exit strategy? [28:57]
  • Why you should be investing in resources that help to grow your business [39:20]


  • "I had enough faith in my capabilities that no matter what came next, I would be able to figure it out" [5:20]
  • "The 'how' can always be figured out" [12:41]

  • "If you're working with a business coach that won't discuss money, they're not a true business coach" [33:21]
  • "Every business needs a creator, an operator and an entrepreneur" [38:44]

  • "Every investement I've made in my business has come back to me ten-fold" [47:08]
  • "When it's your dream, it won't feel like work" [50:03]