S4. E20. Getting started as an entrepreneur with Jason Recker

business coach entrepreneurship mindset podcast Mar 05, 2020

SPECIAL GUEST Jason Recker (my hubby!) joins me in this episode to talk about business start-ups! Between the two of us, we've started and run 4 businesses. We've had some experience in this area, the fears, the vulnerable moments, the lessons and the wins.



  • Jason's journey to becoming an entrepreneur [3:57]

  • There's never a good time to start a business [8:32]

  • How Jason decided to start his second business [9:14]
  • Social media has made it so much easier to start your business [11:29]

  • My journey through network marketing [13:16]

  • If someone else is out there doing something, why can't you do it? [16:34]
  • My first investment in a coach [20:29]

  • If someone else is out there doing something, why can't you do it? [16:34]
  • Some tips to get you started in entrepreneurship [25:14]

  • You don't have to have every detail figured out to get started [28:43]


  • "I knew I wanted to try to take things into my own hands so I just jumped" [4:32]
  • "It starts with the decision to just trust yourself" [7:10]

  • "Once I made that decision and quit my job, that year completely changed for me" [15:19]
  • "Each time we've invested, the money has come back" [23:02]