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154. 3 Things I'm Committed to Changing in 2020

business coach dream hustle podcast shifting mindsets side hustle Jan 20, 2020

Today, I get real honest with you about three things I want to change in 2020. There are three habits I'm ready to make happen that I know will contribute to my personal growth and the BIG goals I want to create this year.

Hopefully, these shifts will help you see areas you may want to shift to help you make your goals happen too!



  • The impact that the right mindset will have on your business [4:52]

  • The shift I'm making for my health [7:39]

  • Don't give up on your goals so quickly - just readjust [10:51]

  • How meditation has helped me in my personal life and business [12:21]
  • The work I'm doing in terms of my self image [16:28]

  • The shifts your making will become habits and won't seem so difficult [22:36]


  • "We have to take time to slow down and be calm" [13:34]
  • "If there's going to be a change that's going to happen, it has to be up to me" [14:36] 

  • "I know the things that I need to change that are holding me back from having the life I want" [25:36]


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