154. 3 Things I'm Committed to Changing in 2020

Today, I get real honest with you about three things I want to change in 2020. There are three habits I'm ready to make happen that I know will contribute to my personal growth and the BIG goals I want to create this year.

Hopefully, these shifts will help you see areas you may want to shift to help you make your goals happen too!



  • The impact that the right mindset will have on your business [4:52]

  • The shift I'm making for my health [7:39]

  • Don't give up on your goals so quickly - just readjust [10:51]

  • How meditation has helped me in my personal life and business [12:21]
  • The work I'm doing in terms of my self image [16:28]

  • The shifts your making will become habits and won't seem so difficult [22:36]


  • "We have to take time to slow down and be calm" [13:34]
  • "If there's going to be a change that's going to happen, it has to be up to me" [14:36] 

  • "I know the things that I need to change that are holding me back from having the...
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Online Business Strategy with Mindy Hancock

In this episode of The Mindy Mission, I talk about how I discovered my passion for coaching in and out of the network marketing industry. I discuss how I started my own online business that provides growth strategies for new entrepreneurs and a solid foundation for my clients to start to grow their own businesses.

  • My journey to entrepreneurship [2:08]

  • How I overcame the impostor syndrome [11:00]

  • Showing up authentically and consistently [15:03]

  • Some tips for getting your business started NOW [24:25]

  • How often should you be sending emails? [30:12]

  • How to add value with IGTV [33:53]

  • A little more about me [40:45]

AHA! Quotes:

  • “It’s in those moments that seem dark, where good things are born” [6:57]

  • “I do know what I’m talking about because I’ve been through it” [14:41]

  • “You need to teach the things you’re learning in a way that’s 100% authentic to who you are” [16:21]


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133. NYC changed everything for me!

In New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in New York

These lyrics sum up my business mastery weekend with Kareen Walsh in NYC. I left feeling like anything was POSSIBLE. And that to make a Million Dollar revenue-generating business doing what I love was going to take more than I thought. I share my thoughts on what I learned over the weekend and why it literally took me out for a few days after I got home.

Talking points:

  • A little about my time with Kareen Walsh [2:15]

  • What are you doing right now to accomplish your goals? [4:53]

  • Some of the changes that will be coming soon... [13:21]

  • Be open to others' points of view and accept help! [20:14]

Aha! quotes:

  • "It takes people in your business in order to generate more income" [6:29]

  • "When you think about your ultimate business vision, what is the ideal exit strategy?" [8:10]

handy tools:

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