S5. E98. The Chaos in the Middle

crushing your goals entrepreneur entrepreneurship podcast quantum leaps setting goals Jan 25, 2021

We often feel this uneasy feeling when we're getting closer to achieving our goals. Why? Because change is uncomfortable. If you could achieve your goals as the person you currently are, you'd have done it by now. I am encouraging you to push through that messy, chaotic middle and get to your goals on the other side.



  • Change will cause discomfort [6:36]

  • As you grow, you're going to have these messy, chaotic middles [11:06]


  • "As humans, we're meant to always be evolving" [3:20]

  • "If you were currently the person who could achieve your goals, you'd have done it already" [8:44]
  • "Your heart will tell you if this is something that you should keep pursuing" [11:45]

  • "When you're in the chaotic middle, just keep going" [16:39]