S5. E95. [Pt.4] How to Make a Quantum Leap in 2021

business coach growth mindset mindset podcast quantum leap seinfeld method setting goals Jan 14, 2021

In part 4, we talk all about how to track your success. If you have a really big goal, split it up into smaller goals, so that you can feel yourself making progress. I talk about some of the tools I use to help track my progress and share an exciting update on the podcast! Tune into today's episode. 



  • What we've covered so far [1:11]

  • You need a metric to track [2:54]

  • A tool I use to track my progress [6:07]
  • Don't give up if you don't reach your goal... just move the date [8:28]

  • Some exciting news about the Podcast! [11:16]


  • "Where focus goes, energy flows" [10:24]



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