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S5. E162. New Coaches Think They Need These... But They Don't.

business coach growth mindset online coaching podcast quantum leap Nov 15, 2021

What holds you back from getting started with your online coaching biz? In today's episode, I break down the three things that held me back in the beginning and why each one of them was a MYTH that I was telling myself. Tune into today's episode for some Monday Motivation!



  • You do not need a coaching certificate to get started [1:52]

  • You don't need a huge social media following to be successful [9:45]

  • You don't need to start your business with a low-priced course [14:44]


  • "The coaching certification is not what builds trust with your audience" [5:51]

  • "Just because you're new to coaching, doesn't mean you're new to the transformation that you offer" [6:26]
  • "The energy that you feel about yourself is what you're putting out into the world" [11:50]
  • "Transformations happen in the transactions" [19:19]


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