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S5. E160. You Gotta Get In Over Your Head

business coach entrepreneur growth mindset online business coach online coaching podcast quantum leaps Nov 02, 2021

When I made the decision to leave my 9-5 job and take a leap of faith with my Network Marketing business, I was so in over my head. I didn't know if it was the right move, but I felt the fear and did it anyways. Getting in over my head took me outside of my ocmfort zone and allowed me to grow in ways that I didn't even know was possible. Tune into today's episode ot learn more.



  • Getting in over your head will help push you outside of your comfort zone [5:19]

  • Making the mistakes is key to learning the lessons [9:13]

  • You discover what you are capable of when youplay outside your comfort zone [17:59]

  • Do you have the faith that you will do what it takes to figure it out? [19:41]

  • What are you going to do today that will push you? [22:16]


  • "Nothing good comes out of feeling safe all of the time" [15:19]

  • "Being in over my head forced me to do things that I wouldn't have done if I played it safe" [15:25]


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