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S5. E154. Owning your Fierce Factor & Living Better with Christy Primmer

business coach christy primmer entrepreneur online coaching podcast self-care Sep 27, 2021

Today, I am lucky to be joined by Self-Care Guru and Success Coach, Christy Primmer.

Christy Primmer, (pronounced Prim-mer) Registered counsellor and success coach is teaching ambitious women how to stand in their fierce feminine power becoming confident AF to create the life and business they desire using self-care and law of attraction.

Christy is the President of her company Primetime Consulting Services Inc. which provides services and products that educate and empower women to get back in the driver’s seat of their own lives. Bringing more than a decade of experience, Christy specializes in mindset and is the queen of inner game transformation.

Author of Confessions of a Self-Care Junkie, Primetime Success, EXPOSED: Diary of a Self-Care Junkie, and host of the TV show Women Who Lead. Christy has been featured on FOX, ABC’s Your California Life, BloomTV, The Connect Network, in Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, Authority magazine and on numerous podcasts.



  • How Christy got started in coaching [2:15]

  • What feminine and masculine energy has to do with building your business [4:31]

  • How being in your own energy can help you elevate [10:44]

  • Why do so many women have trouble going after their dreams? [12:32]
  • Why having clarity on what you want is so important [15:38]

  • How to practice self-care and why it is so important [18:51]
  • Christy’s greatest struggle and how she overcame it [25:37]

  • Where to find Christy online [29:56]


  • “We can have it all and we can do it from the place of who we are” [8:17]

  • “Nobody could ever be as cruel to me as I’ve been to myself” [14:03]

  • “Who loses if you don’t win?” [17:23]

  • “It’s time to love ourselves healthy & wealthy” [23:47]


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