S5. E151. Unlock your Income Potential with Evergreen Stretegist, Rose Redford

business coach business launch entrepreneur evergreen method podcast quantum leaps rose radford Sep 13, 2021

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with my coach, Business Strategist and Evergreen Queen, Rose Radford! 

After leaving her Strategy Consultant role at McKinsey & Co. aged 25 with no plan, Rose has created a multi-6 figure online business helping women unlock their income potential online. 

Rose has made it her life’s mission to financially empower women through entrepreneurship and is committed to helping 100,000 women unlock their income potential through online entrepreneurship by the year 2025.

Since building a multi-6-figure business herself, Rose discovered only 12% of female-led businesses ever reach this level of financial success. In fact, the income gap between female- and male-led businesses is bigger than the gender corporate salary gap...! 

Through her private mentorship, programs and speaking, Rose helps high-achieving women turn their expertise into successful online businesses. Her client results include doubling and tripling business revenue in 6 months or less and reaching $50K months, as well as helping new entrepreneurs launch their business and sign their first clients. 

Before taking the leap to start her own company aged 25, Rose worked in Kenya supporting new entrepreneurs in creating businesses with minimal resources, then went on to serve CEOs and leaders within global companies and Government to help them solve their most difficult problems as a Strategy Consultant at McKinsey & Co.

When Rose isn't helping women unlock their earning potential, she's bungee jumping, diving with sharks, jumping on a plane or seeking out the next adrenaline-fuelled thrill. 



  • How Rose got into the online coaching business [3:12]

  • You don’t need to plan a launch to make money [7:13]

  • What exactly is the Evergreen Method? [11:03]

  • When is the right time to start ‘evergreening’ your services? [17:25]
  • How to move people to your evergreen funnel on a budget [20:27]

  • Why consistency is key when it comes to success [25:44]

  • What to do if sales aren’t your strong suit [29:58]

  • Some tips to get started with the evergreen method [32:22]


  • “You have to go through the craziness to learn the lessons” [9:11]

  • “You have to be willing to hustle a bit” [20:29]

  • “Don’t look at people like they’re just a number” [21:07]

  • “Most people give up 5 minutes before the miracle” [26:01]



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