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S5. E148. Mindset over Mechanics (Energy over Action)

entrepreneur growth mindset mindset mindset coach podcast quantum leaps Sep 06, 2021

Today's episode is all about one critical piece in making a Quantum Leap that many people forget... your mindset! You will not be able to achieve the goals you've always wanted if you're stuck in the same mindset you've had in the past. I talk all about how to make those mindset shifts in today's episode. 



  • What do I mean by "Mindset over Mechanics"? [3:38]

  • What is an Energetic Maximum?  [7:03]

  • Some lessons I learned along the way about money [9:55]
  • Stop hating on people who have the wealth that you want [16:06]

  • Why slowing down is beneficial to your business [28:26]
  • If you are sitting in a job you hate, it's time to make a change [33:13]


  • "The mechanics without the mindset shift will only get you so far" [7:54]

  •  "You'll see opportunities you didn't see before when you start thinking at a new level" [13:23]

  •  "The reason why people may have certain things is because they've put themselves on the frequency of luxury" [20:09]

  •  "You can't criticize something and have a desire for it at the same time" [23:43]


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