S5. E144. When NO ACTION is the RIGHT ACTION

achieving your goal business coach entrepreneur podcast quantum leap Aug 12, 2021

We all know how important action is within our business. If we don't do anything, we won't see any results. Recently, I;ve been realizing how important it is to rest sometimes and take no action at all. In today's episode, I talk about some of the recent changes I've made in my business and when you should be taking a step back to pause.



  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy [2:06]

  • What to do when your gut is telling you no [4:48]

  • When you feel like you're forcing it, you need to pause [8:24]
  • If you're not feeling aligned, it's time to take a break [11:29]

  • Any success will be temporary if you feel out of alignment [14:43]
  • The different seasons of our businesses [20:09]


  • "There are no mistakes, only lessons" [4:00]

  • "Sometimes the right action is no action at all" [15:45]
  • "You can't tap into your intuition when you're constantly feeling overwhelmed" [20:48]