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S5. E131. What is a QUANTUM LEAP anyway?

achieving your goals business coach entrepreneur goal setting podcast quantum leap May 25, 2021

When I tell people that I teach all about Quantum Leaps, I find I'm often met with a lot of questions. There are a lot of people who don't know what a Quantum Leap is, or what the strategy I teach looks like, so I really break it down in today's episode. Tune in to learn more!



  • What is the defnition of a Quantum Leap? [3:59]

  • Who can make a Quantum Leap happen? [6:51]

  • An outline of the Quantum Leap steps [10:37]
  • Slow down and listen for guidance [15:21]

  • Tracking your goal is important to see if we need to make a pivot [17:13]

  • An example of when this strategy worked for me [17:58]


  • "You have the capacity to make great change happen quickly" [8:27]

  • "Any answer you're looking for in your life resides inside of you" [14:28]
  • "You've got to be willing to try differently" [23:40]


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