S5. E122. As a man thinketh in his heart so he is. Neville Goddard

business coach entrepreneur growth mindset neil goddard podcast quantum leaps Apr 21, 2021

Last week, I bought a necklace from my friends' store that had an eye in the middle of a heart. I thought it was cute, so I bought it. After I bought it, I found out what the meaning behind the symbol was. Let me tell you... there are no coincidences! Tune into today's episode to find out the meaning behind this symbol and why it struck such a chord with me.



  • There is no such thing as coincidence [3:13]

  • The way that you see the world is what creates your reality [8:49]

  • Let me show you how to take control of your results [11:19]
  • You wouldn't be given an idea if you weren't able to execute it [11:57]


  • "We are what we believe to be" [6:19]

  • "Everything you need to achieve your goals exists inside of you" [9:29]



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