S5. E111. Who is the Million Dollar Version of You? [MONEY MARCH]

busines coach entrepreneur goal setting growth mindset minsdet podcast quantum leap Mar 11, 2021

So now that we've set our big goals, we need to step into the person that already has that goal achieved. Take a look at every aspect of your life and ask yourself how you would be impacted by that kind of money. What kind of clothes do you wear, how do you interact with others, what are some of your hobbies? Once you step into this new version of yourself, the universe will take notice and start attracting the things you need to make that happen. Tune in to learn more. 



  • Who is the person you need to become that alligns with your goal? [5:29]

  • How to start becoming that person today [9:18]


  • "With your limitations removed, you would make different choices" [9:10]

  • "Tell the universe who you are and the universe will listen" [10:01]
  • "When you say "this is who I am" your subconscious mind starts to accept it"



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