S5. E105. Never Being Satisfied with Jennifer Neal

accidental entrepreneur business coach business owner entrepreneur jennifer neal podcast Feb 18, 2021

I sit down with my friend, Jennifer Neal to talk about how she pivoted into being a super successful entrepreneur and how she overcame some of her own self-limiting beliefs. We talk about the importance of personal development, how to overcome your fears and how to find joy in the journey. Tune into today's episode! 



  • Who is Jennifer Neal? [2:57]

  • The influence of Jennifer's mentor [6:01]

  • The joy comes from the journey [10:33]
  • You can't just wait for life to happen to you. You have to play the game! [20:11]

  • Personal development is pivotal for your success in life [23:10]

  • What's the big goal for Jen right now? [25:25]
  • To get over the fear, you have to do more of what makes you fearful [29:34]

  • Three books that have been the most imactful for Jen [31:27]


  • "If you're able to work with someone that knows more than you, then shut up and listen" [7:10]

  • "There is always a way to pivot" [8:12]
  • "I am happy, but I'm never going to be satisfied" [11:05]

  • "You can't use old moves to achieve the new goal" [18:14]