S5. E100. Human Design with Dr. Lindsay Martens

dr. lindsay martens entrepreneur human design mindset mindset coach naturopathy podcast Feb 01, 2021

Lindsay Martens is a Naturopathic Doctor + Coach that leads women into deeper alignment with their hormonal cycles, their feminine energy, and their Human Design so that they rise in their own business + leadership, finding ease and joy in their lives.



  • What drew Lindsay to studying Human Design? [3:45]

  • What is meant by "human design"? [7:30]

  • What impacts your Human Design? [10:39]
  • Going through my own Human Design [17:49]

  • Why we take things so personally [34:34]

  • How can you use your Human Design to pursue your goals? [37:00]
  • What Lindsay teaches in her coaching programs [40:47]


  • "Learning these things about myself allowed me to release some of the guilt I was carrying about being a certain way" [16:39]

  • "When I started to understand my authority, my emotions started to move faster" [29:23]
  • "Anything that moves us out of alignment with our energy is going to bring us to places of anger and resentment" [38:37]