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S4. E90. Dave Conway on Mindset, Sales & Money

business coach dave conway entrepreneur growth mindset mentorship podcast Dec 16, 2020

Dave Conway is a Sales and Mindset Mentor, serving hundreds of clients worldwide and impacting thousands of lives through his workshops and training programs. His signature program, The One Sale A Day Club, helps his clients in coaching, consulting, and high-ticket sales achieve one sale a day with many scaling to 6-figure months and beyond.
He has studied personal development and mental science for over 18 years and has experienced firsthand the power of study in supporting his client's growth and growing his own companies. Personally working for and being mentored by Bob Proctor on his coaching and sales team established Dave as an exceptional mentor. It's not uncommon for his clients to have grown their businesses by 10 times and in some cases 24 times through his mentorship. 

Clients express, "it's his deep understanding of success principles, paradigms, and habits combined with his direct nature that makes Dave a world-class mentor". 

He's one to watch in the sales and mindset space. Join his online community on Facebook, Dave Conway Live, where he offers free training, virtual Q&A’s and much more! 



  • How did Dave get started? [1:49]

  • Why the suffering is a part of the process [7:22]

  • What Dave's first year in business was like [9:36]
  • How Dave's first big event shifted his mindset [13:51]

  • Dave's best advice for those just starting out [16:27]

  • Why charging people for your service can be so difficult [18:40]
  • How to change your mindset when it comes to your worth [23:19]

  • You don't make money from people, you make money through people [28:57]

  • Mindset is such a key element to success when it comes to your business [33:11]
  • You have to consider what the million dollar version of yourself would should up like everyday [36:00]


  • "I'd call myself a personal development junkie" [5:16]

  • "Things really exploded when I made the decision to go all in" [15:59]
  • "If there is an infinite amount of energy, then there is an infinite amount of money too" [20:02]

  • "The people you attract are the mirror image of yourself" [28:42]
  • "It is impossible to put good out and not get it back" [29:59]


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