S4. E87. Maximizing your Instagram Account with Amanda Kohal

amanda kohel business coach entrepreneur instagram instagram growth\social media podcast social media hacks Dec 04, 2020

Award-winning digital marketing strategist and entrepreneur, Amanda Kohal found her way into entrepreneurship after getting “asked to leave” her corporate job and started, THE WOLFE CO. 

THE WOLFE CO. is an online platform, community and academy that teaches entrepreneurs how to build and market their brands through digital and social media.

A firm believer in creativity, a good brainstorming sesh and empowerment, Amanda is committed to providing a space for entrepreneurs to connect, learn and grow from one another. 

In today's episode, Amanda and I talk about how you can make the most out of your Instagram account. The key is to focus less on the followers, and to focus more on making the connections and having the conversations. Amanda is truly someone who knows all of the ins and outs when it comes to building your business on Instagram and I'm so excited to welcome her to the Dream Hustle Podcast!



  • How Amanda transitioned into entrepreneurship [1:47]

  • How Amanda pushed past the obstacles [11:57]

  • Busting the myths when it comes to Instagram [22:04]
  • People will connect to your authenticity [29:37]

  • How to move your conversations over to your DMs [31:50]

  • Tips for just starting to build your brand on Instagram [36:46]
  • Why you need to be on Instagram [46:45]


  • "The obstacles are a part of the journey" [15:59]

  • "The obstacle is an indicator that the next big thing is coming" [16:27]
  • "Your ego has to go out the window when you decide to be an entrepreneur" [18:53]

  • "It's not about the followers... it's about conversations and connection" [31:31]
  • "Instagram is for nurturing your audience, Tiktok is for growth" [42:15]



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