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S4. E67. Learn from THESE mistakes before creating an online course

business coach course creation entrepreneur podcast Sep 16, 2020

Today, I take you through the journey that lead me to creating my first online course. Was it perfect? No. Was I scared? HELL YES! But, I pushed past that fear and did it anyways. I'm telling you, if you feel that little inkling to do something and create your first online course - you need to do it! 



  • How course creation creates a residual income for you [2:01]

  • Start by just doing a big brain dump [4:07]

  • How to recover from nobody buying your course [8:47]


  • "That negative talk didn't serve me and wasn't helping my business grow" [12:23]

  • "All of the lessons I've learned from unsuccessful courses have contributed to the successful ones" [15:35]

  • "You learn the most from actually being in the arena" [17:00]



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