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S4. E64. It's the way of the future! Shopify with Sarah Jansel

business coach entrepreneur online coach podcast sadi and sari sarah jansel shopify Sep 04, 2020

Sarah Jansel is a lover of all things e-commerce. She is both the owner of Sadi & Sari, an online women’s fashion boutique based in London, Ontario, and an online store coach using Shopify. After starting her boutique business, Sarah sought out as much information as she could on how to set one up, run it and make it profitable. She then took this passion to a new level where she is now using that knowledge to help others get their product or store online as well. Sarah’s background has mainly been in the business world, having worked in for Fortune 500 companies across Canada, and is still employed as a leader in Operations and HR at a local tech company. Sarah is passionate about all things business and fashion, and she’s excited to help others realize their passions in this space as well!


  • How Sarah got started as an entrepreneur [3:03]

  • How Sarah made the decision to go all in on her business [9:37]

  • How Sarah's corporate life contributed to her own business [12:56]
  • What Sadi & Sari taught Sarah and how did it lend to her second business? [17:52]

  • What Shopify can offer you [23:42]
  • Sarah's free resource to help you get started with Shopify [19:57]

  • Some tips for taking that first step [36:39]


  • "Most of us sit in indecision because we're worried of what other people will think" [11:49]

  • "Shopify takes the guesswork out of simple things that are very time consuming" [24:33]

  • "When you start to feel that nudge to do something, you have to explore it" [34:54]
  • "Getting myself a mentor was the best thing I ever did for my business" [36:53]


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