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S4. E50. BE. DO. HAVE.

business coach entrepreneur growth mindset online coach podcast Jul 06, 2020

Today, we talk about something that holds a lot of people back: imposter syndrome. This all started over a conversation I had with my husband where he said that he didn't feel like he was an artist yet, because he didn't have enough pieces done. That mentality is wrong. Once you believe you are what you want to be - that's when you'll start seeing the results roll in. Confused? That's okay! Tune into today's episode to learn more. 



  • My 4C Formula masterclass is now LIVE [1:05]

  • A little bit of backstory on Jason's career [3:02]

  • A lot of self-sabotage by telling ourselves we're not where we should be [8:02]
  • Having faith is an important factor on the road to success [16:11]


  • "Sometimes we have trouble seeing ourselves as the rest of the world sees us" [6:36]

  • "You have to BE the person that you want to be first" [13:07]

  • "You have to do the action and commit to the process" [14:55]
  • "You have to have faith that what you see in your head is going to happen for you" [16:18]


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