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S4. E48. You don't "get" clients, you CREATE them!

business coach creating clients entrepreneur online business coach podcast Jun 24, 2020

In this episode, I share my thoughts on how you CREATE clients for your business. When I first heard this team of CREATING clients vs "getting" clients it made so much sense to me. Clients very rarely just drop out of the sky... you have to things in a certain way in order for them to pull the trigger and buy from you.



  • Building know, like and trust with potential clients [2:05]

  • Showing up in a genuine way will get people to like you [6:19]

  • How to build trust with your audience [8:05]


  • "We don't get clients, we create them" [1:24]

  • "People can't get to know you if you're not showing up" [4:29]

  • "Building know, like and trust is how we create clients" [10:00]


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