S4. E32. The key to making your business a success is this...

business coaching entrepreneur growth mindset online business podcast Apr 27, 2020

If you're just getting started in building your online business, if you don't have what I share in this episode day locked down, I hate to tell you but your business won't be successful. You'll quit at the first major roadblock that comes your way. And trust me, they are coming. So if you're serious about your business goals... listen up.



  • What keeps you going when you're struggling? [2:26]

  • We have been given the gift of time to work on our desires [6:45]

  • The commitment to the action is where you will find the success [10:45]
  • What can you do today to help make your desire come to life? [13:59]

  • Ask yourself this question everyday... [16:35]


  • "We need to know what we really want to find the motivation when things get tough" [1:35]
  • "My commitment to my desire is what keeps me going" [5:06]

  • "Desire is the key to motivation" [8:06]