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S4. E18. Three easy steps to create your first online course

business coach course creation mindset podcast Feb 27, 2020

In this episode, I share 3 simple steps to help you create your first online course. Grab a pen and paper,  everything you need to get started is here!



  • Step #1: Defining your audiences' biggest pain point and seeing if you can tackle this [5:37]

  • Step #2: Create the content for this course around that pain point [8:56]

  • Step #3: Testing out your course [15:52]


  • "Anything goes in the online space right now" [2:10]
  • "There are a million business coaches out there but there is not a single one that is like me" [4:10]

  • "I've made multiple courses in my day - some good and some bad, but I've learned from each one" [17:51]
  • "Your courses are going to evolve as you evolve and grow in your business" [18:37]



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