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S4. E17. How I dealt with some negative feedback.

business coach mindset negative feedback podcast Feb 24, 2020

Last week I received an email complaint, some negative feedback about how I run my business. As we grow to new levels more and more of this will come your way. In this episode, I share what happened, how it made me feel and how I responded to it. Plus some key points to help you move through these times in your business!



  • You can't let the fear of the negative reactions hold you back from putting yourself out there [1:35]

  • By continuously showing up, you're bound to get more reactions - both positive and negative [2:38]

  • You don't necessarily have to change anything about your business [9:31]


  • "Whenever there's something that triggers me, often times there's some truth to what they're saying" [7:18]
  • "You may receive negative comments, but that is because your message is reaching people" [10:00]

  • "You are making an impact because people are feeling compelled enough to respond" [10:25]



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