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Online Business Strategy with Mindy Hancock

business strategy dream hustle guest interviews mindy handcock Oct 15, 2019

In this episode of The Mindy Mission, I talk about how I discovered my passion for coaching in and out of the network marketing industry. I discuss how I started my own online business that provides growth strategies for new entrepreneurs and a solid foundation for my clients to start to grow their own businesses.

  • My journey to entrepreneurship [2:08]

  • How I overcame the impostor syndrome [11:00]

  • Showing up authentically and consistently [15:03]

  • Some tips for getting your business started NOW [24:25]

  • How often should you be sending emails? [30:12]

  • How to add value with IGTV [33:53]

  • A little more about me [40:45]

AHA! Quotes:

  • “It’s in those moments that seem dark, where good things are born” [6:57]

  • “I do know what I’m talking about because I’ve been through it” [14:41]

  • “You need to teach the things you’re learning in a way that’s 100% authentic to who you are” [16:21]

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