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156. Real talk on feelings of failure as a business owner.

business coach business owner entrepreneur feelings of failure podcast Jan 27, 2020

In this episode, I share some feelings that came up after an entrepreneur friend shared with me she was having a rough day and was feeling like a failure... it triggered me to have this very important chat with you all, as I know there are more people out there who feel like this often... the good news it's NORMAL!   Let's dig in!


  • Everybody has waves of feeling like a failure - you're not alone! [5:04]

  • No matter where you are in your business, you are going to have ups and downs [8:12]

  • Going through these obstacles will make you a better entrepreneur [11:34]
  • If you still have that spark you HAVE to keep going [13:28]


  • "Everybody has these moments of feeling like a failure but the worst thing you can do is quit" [6:09]
  • "Every obstacle that is put in our way is an opportunity to grow" [6:55]

  • "I either win or I learn" [14:32]
  • "When we stop forcing, we can allow the things we need to come in [16:41]



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