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Embrace Change And Know When To Pivot

business coach conscious state of mind embracing change jen gallagher podcast Oct 28, 2019

If you are going through a hard time, overcoming an obstacle, making a pivot or wanting some inspiration in your life and looking for guidance as to what your next move is, this is the episode for you!


  • Working on your personal development is important in a business [8:05]

  • Spending your income faster than it’s coming in [12:19]

  • Sometimes it take a breaking point to make that change [19:10]

  • Stop with the impostor syndrome! [26:04]

  • Every step you’ve taken has been instrumental in where you are today [36:54]

  • Where I see myself in the next year or so [42:30]


  • “Pressure makes you take action on things” [17:25]

  • “If it was easy, everyone would do it” [20:17]

  • “Me getting angry whenever something happens is not serving us” [23:35]

  • “Give value and the people will come” [28:18]

  • “The universe will deliver what you ask for, or better” [32:17]

  • “Obstacles are there to serve you, for you to learn from” [37:30]


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