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S5. E171. Crushing the Rush with Productivity Coach, Holly Marie Haynes

growth mindset holly marie haynes online business coach podcast productivity coach quantum leap Jan 27, 2022

Holly Marie Haynes is a productivity coach and business strategist who is crazy passionate about teaching women  how to build a side hustle (insert job of your dreams) and scale to 6-figures without sacrificing your weekends or priorities. Holly believes strongly that you can create a routine you love and with the right strategy and systems to create a lifestyle that works and a business that scales without burnout. There is a difference between time management and time freedom and Holly wants to help you find it.

In today's episode, we talk all about setting boundaries for yourself, how to handle the overwhelm that comes with starting your own business and some advice for structuring your day. Tune into today's episode!



  • Holly’s journey through entrepreneurship [2:21]

  • Do you see the opportunities in hardships? [6:45]

  • How to handle the overwhelm that comes with building your own business [9:10]

  • Some advice on setting your boundaries with clients [16:55]

  • Why Holly thinks it’s essential to have a day planner [23:32]



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