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S5. E170. What it Takes to Build an Online Business [UNFILTERED]

entrepreneur online business coach online coaching podcast quantum leap Jan 24, 2022

This chat was inspired by an Instagram DM that I recently got. An amazing coach reached out to me saying that she was struggling with sales and looking for some advice  on what to do next. I thought this was such a common feeling, that we don't talk about enough, so I made it into a podcast episode! Tune in to learn more. 



  • It hasn't all been success in my business [4:30]

  • Do whatever you have to do to get you closer to your goal [6:24]

  • All of the obstacles that you currently have, will become lessons that you can grow from [9:14]

  • Are you showing up online? [12:28]

  • If you feel fear, that's a sign of what you need to explore more [15:48]
  • I have self-sabotaged my business more than once [18:25]
  • You have to take responsibility for what happens inside your business [20:23]
  • You don't have to figure everything out by yourself [23:22]
  • My business has been built off of messy action [24:23]



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