The PURSUIT Podcast

S5. E159. What You Need to Make it in Online Coaching

growth mindset mindset online business online business coach online coaching quantum leap Oct 25, 2021

In today's episode, I'm sharing the 4 steps to help you make a Quantum Leap into online coaching. Whether you're considering getting started in the online coaching space, or are just looking to improve your online coaching business, this is the episode for you!



  • How I got started in online coaching [1:40]

  • People want to learn from people who have actually accomplished their goal [5:23]

  • Why you should consider group coaching instead of 1 on 1 [10:12]

  • Do you have the desire to help people? [12:23]

  • If you want this to work, you have got to act quickly [13:27]

  • You need to follow your own intuition when it comes to your business [17:36]

  • Do you have the accountability it takes to be your own boss? [20:02]


  • "I didn't try to plan it all out, I just took action" [15:19]

  • "In order to make a Quantum Leap you have to stretch yourself and take scary actions into the unknown" [16:08]



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