S5. E150. Perception is Projection with Energetics Coach, Sofia Adamova

business coaching energetics coach entrepreneur growth mindset podcast quantum leaps sofia adamova Sep 10, 2021

In today's episode, I'm sitting down with Energetics Coach, Sofia Adamova, to discuss how we overcame the fear of putting yourself out there, getting clarity on what you want and how to take inspired action. 

Sofia is an energetics coach and business mentor for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, who helps women express themselves through business, reach their full potential, double their income and impact by using a blend of strategy and the power of energy.



  • A little about Sofia’s journey into coaching [3:03]

  • How did Sofia overcome the fear of speaking publicly? [6:01]

  • What are some of the inspired actions that Sofia took? [16:36]

  • What it means to be an energetics coach [21:50]
  • Some tips on how to get started in coaching [39:39]


  • “I knew I was always meant to share what I knew with other people” [6:31]

  • “When you have a big why, the fear doesn’t seem as scary” [7:35]

  • “You will not see any change unless you take inspired action” [15:50]

  • “Your perception is projection” [19:56]