S5. E133. Growing Pains with Michelle Wolfe

entrepreneur growing pains michelle wolfe podcast quantum leaps setting goals May 31, 2021

In today's episode, I chat with my  friend and accountability partner, Michelle Wolfe. We talk about some of the struggles we've been dealing with inside of our businesses lately and why it's so important to have clairty inside of your business. Tune in to today's episode!

After losing her Mom at the age of 8 to cancer, Michelle decided to dedicate much of her life, particularly, the way she lives it – to learning as much as possible about how to live a life that is both healthy and fulfilled. She's made it her mission to inspire others to take time to slow down and get in tune with their body, mind, and soul so that they too, can learn what it is that they need to move through any challenge they may be facing. 



  • How Michelle and I met [3:13]

  • The importance of having clarity in your business [13:06]

  • When you encounter a problem, it's important to spend the time working through it [20:40]
  • How our moms have actually become our ideal audience [21:04]

  • You don't have to have all of the pieces put together to get started [32:31]

  • Some tips on how to get yourself hyped up [33:33]
  • Celebrate your small wins too! [36:29]

  • What's next for Michelle? [39:57]


  • "It is okay to put yourself first" [9:32]

  • "I want people to wake up everyday loving the work they do" [25:25]
  • "Everything we do is a stepping stone, leading us to our purpose" [29:48]

  • "You are capable of getting over the fear and getting what you want" [31:19]



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