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S4. E54. How to Protect Your Business with Andrea Sager

andrea segar business law business owner entrepreneur online business podcast Jul 20, 2020


As a serial entrepreneur, Andrea is uniquely positioned to provide quality legal services to today's thriving entrepreneurs. She started her first business while in law school, so she knows first-hand the hustle of a solopreneur. Andrea not only aims to provide high-quality legal counsel but to also be the life-long business partner many entrepreneurs need. Brand protection is Andrea's passion, and as a brand protection lawyer, your business will be thoroughly protected with Andrea's services!

Andrea prides herself on her remote practice. Not just because working in your PJs is cool, but also because her nationwide clients receive the same high-quality work without the high price! With nearly all flat fees, you will never receive a surprise legal bill!

Although it may not necessarily be the sexiest part of your business, it is important to make sure that you're covered legally. In today's episode, I sit down with Legalpreneur Andrea Sager, to discuss how you should be protecting your website, your content and your brand. Tune into today's episode to learn how to better protect yourself.

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