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S4. E15. Coaches I've invested in. Why I did and How they've Impacted me

chris harder coaches investing lori harder mentorship Feb 17, 2020

In this episode I share the people who I've invested in since starting my coaching business in 2016, how much those investments were (and how scary for some of them), why I chose each one and how they've impacted me and my business success. I'm grateful for them all of them 💕



  • Bob Heilig: Getting me started in my entrepreneurial journey [2:31]

  • Amber Lilyestrom: Helping me tap into my purpose [8:17]

  • Chris & Lori Harder: Teaching me that I deserve to be in the room [14:11]
  • Scott Aaron: Showing me how to garner leads with LinkedIn [20:38]

  • Kareen Walsh: Teaching me that every great leader needs help in their business [22:19]
  • Danielle Amos: How to achieve that million dollar mindset [25:29]


  • "I was being called to these people and they each play a role in my own development" [9:48]
  • "Once I made a decision and commited to it, the money always found me" [12:32]

  • "We all have the same opportunity to be successful, it's just a matter of doing the work" [13:02]
  • "Investing in yourself will always come back to you" [26:54]

Here are the links to each of the mentors I spoke about:

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