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S4.E13. Stepping back from Network Marketing

business business coaching entrepreneur mindset obstacles podcast Feb 10, 2020

In this episode, I share my own personal story of transitioning OUT of being a leader in my Network Marketing business and making my own coaching and personal brand my new PLAN A.


  • My journey through network marketing [3:17]

  • Why I decided to take a step back from my network marketing business [4:07]

  • If you feel a pull towards your business, you have to pursue it [7:41]
  • If you're feeling called to do something else, it's because you were meant to execute that goal [14:38]

  • Don't let outside voices hold you back from achieving your goals [16:50]

  • We need to support one in another in the pursuit of our goals [19:56]


  • "I could feel it in my core that there was something more for me" [8:52]
  • "Your identity isn't the company that you work for" [10:12]

  • "My way to serve the universe was in a different form" [11:36]



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