S5. E163. Growing Your Social Media Community with TikTok Star, Jenn White

entrepreneur growth mindset online coach podcast quantum leaps tiktok Nov 18, 2021

Jenn is an Educator, Content Creator, Mama, Personal Development Junkie, 80s/90s Music Fanatic and creator of the Word Up Life Approach. She is dedicated to helping others find a deeper level of joy, fun, self-awareness, fulfillment and peace using simple soulful solutions.

In today's episode, we talk all about fighting feelings of unfulfillment, how Jenn developed a following online, how Jenn was able to face her fears head on and how her life has changed since becoming a TikTok star! Tune into today's episode.



  • How Jen got started in entrepreneurship [3:13]

  • How turning 40 changed Jen’s perspective on life [7:22]

  • What to do if you lack fulfilment in your career [10:39]

  • How Jen grew her Instagram account [24:31]

  • How did Jen get over her fears and keep going? [29:09]

  • How Jen’s life has changed since putting herself out there [33:57]

  • “The universe rewards you for putting yourself out there” [40:40] 
  • What does “Word Up” actually mean? [43:09]




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