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158. Every obstacle has a gift if you look for it.

business business coaching entrepreneur mindset obstacles podcast Feb 03, 2020

In this episode, I share how my business started at the worst possible time in my life, yet it was the best time. The pressure we were under was enough for me to ditch all my excuses and get to work. With every obstacle, there is a gift if you look for it, and I certainly found mine in this one.



  • I started a business because I had to [6:23]

  • Lesson 1: Do not use one credit to pay off another credit [12:26]

  • Lesson 2: Be prepared - you never know what life's going to throw at you [15:33]
  • Lesson 3: Look for the lessons during the crappy times [17:52]

  • Lesson 4: The excuses to not start my business were because I was scared [19:39]


  • "There's always something good in the obstacle that you're going through" [2:00]
  • "I have a new perspective on what I value" [10:43]

  • "I still want things, but now I want them when I can afford them" [17:07]
  • "The only way you can make changes is if you're willing to really look at the problems" [24:34]


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