My Lessons and Wins from 2019.

Hello Hello Happy New Year!! I'm back and with a whole new look and feel for the Dream Hustle Podcast! We kick things off with a look back over the year 2020 and share what were my top 3 lessons and top 3 wins from the past year!




  • The Dream Hustle Podcast has reached a milestone! [4:07]

  • The importance of making goals and writing them down [8:01]

  • Stop worrying about every single thing! [10:40]

  • Your business is important - but so is your time off! [13:52] 

  • Programs can be SUPER beneficial, but you have to choose the right one! [21:41]
  • What programs did I find most valuable in 2019?

  • I work with you 1:1 in my new Accelerator program!...

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