S4. E18. Three easy steps to create your first online course

In this episode, I share 3 simple steps to help you create your first online course. Grab a pen and paper,  everything you need to get started is here!



  • Step #1: Defining your audiences' biggest pain point and seeing if you can tackle this [5:37]

  • Step #2: Create the content for this course around that pain point [8:56]

  • Step #3: Testing out your course [15:52]


  • "Anything goes in the online space right now" [2:10]
  • "There are a million business coaches out there but there is not a single one that is like me" [4:10]

  • "I've made multiple courses in my day - some good and some bad, but I've learned from each one" [17:51]
  • "Your courses are going to evolve as you evolve and grow in your business" [18:37]


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S4. E17. How I dealt with some negative feedback.

Last week I received an email complaint, some negative feedback about how I run my business. As we grow to new levels more and more of this will come your way. In this episode, I share what happened, how it made me feel and how I responded to it. Plus some key points to help you move through these times in your business!



  • You can't let the fear of the negative reactions hold you back from putting yourself out there [1:35]

  • By continuously showing up, you're bound to get more reactions - both positive and negative [2:38]

  • You don't necessarily have to change anything about your business [9:31]


  • "Whenever there's something that triggers me, often times there's some truth to what they're saying" [7:18]
  • "You may receive negative comments, but that is because your message is reaching people" [10:00]

  • "You are making an impact because people are feeling compelled enough to respond" [10:25]


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S4. E16. The secret sauces to manifesting your goals faster!

You know about visualizing your goal, but do you know how to visualize them in a way to draw them in faster? In this episode, I share the two secret sauces to manifesting your goals with more intensity so you can attract them to you faster!



  • Visualize yourself after you've accomplished your goal [2:59]

  • Live your life as though you have already accomplished your goal [6:49]


  • "When you manifest, change your viewpoint to you looking outward" [4:31]
  • "How can we start stepping into the version of ourselves that has already accomplished our goals?" [8:02]

  • "The resources and tools that you need to achieve your goals will come to you" [10:48]


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S4. E15. Coaches I've invested in. Why I did and How they've Impacted me

In this episode I share the people who I've invested in since starting my coaching business in 2016, how much those investments were (and how scary for some of them), why I chose each one and how they've impacted me and my business success. I'm grateful for them all of them



  • Bob Heilig: Getting me started in my entrepreneurial journey [2:31]

  • Amber Lilyestrom: Helping me tap into my purpose [8:17]

  • Chris & Lori Harder: Teaching me that I deserve to be in the room [14:11]
  • Scott Aaron: Showing me how to garner leads with LinkedIn [20:38]

  • Kareen Walsh: Teaching me that every great leader needs help in their business [22:19]
  • Danielle Amos: How to achieve that million dollar mindset [25:29]


  • "I was being called to these people and they each play a role in my own development" [9:48]
  • "Once I made a decision and commited to it, the money always found me" [12:32]

  • "We all have the same opportunity to be successful, it's just a matter of doing...
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S4. E14. 💕3 places we can all add in a little more LOVE 💕

In this special edition Valentine's episode, I share my thoughts on three places where we can all add in a little more LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day to this amazing audience. I love and am grateful for you all!



  • #1: Spending more time with the people you love [2:23]

  • #2: Try to always come from a loving place [6:01]

  • #3: Doing what you love [9:50]
  • If you can't do what you love full-time, still try to encorporate it into your life [14:45]


  • "I have faith in the fact that I have an abundant amount of time to focus on my business" [3:53]
  • "When we take time to slow down, it actually gives us time to reset and rejuvinate" [4:24]

  • "Always send love because you never know what's going on with the other person" [7:35]
  • "When you do the things you love, it always works out" [16:06]


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S4.E13. Stepping back from Network Marketing

In this episode, I share my own personal story of transitioning OUT of being a leader in my Network Marketing business and making my own coaching and personal brand www.shanarecker.com my new PLAN A.


  • My journey through network marketing [3:17]

  • Why I decided to take a step back from my network marketing business [4:07]

  • If you feel a pull towards your business, you have to pursue it [7:41]
  • If you're feeling called to do something else, it's because you were meant to execute that goal [14:38]

  • Don't let outside voices hold you back from achieving your goals [16:50]

  • We need to support one in another in the pursuit of our goals [19:56]


  • "I could feel it in my core that there was something more for me" [8:52]
  • "Your identity isn't the company that you work for" [10:12]

  • "My way to serve the universe was in a different form" [11:36]


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159. Authenticity makes everything easier for you.

In this episode, I share one very important element for success in your online business. And it's simple and hard to do all at the same time Have a listen and see what I mean.



  • We have to have clarity on who we are to have clarity on our business

  • The people who are in alignment with you will be that much easier to work with [6:53]

  • What qualities are unique to you? [9:54]


  • "The vibe that we're putting out is going to attract people of the same energy" [3:20]
  • "If your energy isn't in alignment with who you are, that's what will come across" [4:32]

  • "I truly believe there is power in sharing your stories" [10:17]
  • "In order to find real success, you have to be true and authentic to who you are" [13:34]


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158. Every obstacle has a gift if you look for it.

In this episode, I share how my business started at the worst possible time in my life, yet it was the best time. The pressure we were under was enough for me to ditch all my excuses and get to work. With every obstacle, there is a gift if you look for it, and I certainly found mine in this one.



  • I started a business because I had to [6:23]

  • Lesson 1: Do not use one credit to pay off another credit [12:26]

  • Lesson 2: Be prepared - you never know what life's going to throw at you [15:33]
  • Lesson 3: Look for the lessons during the crappy times [17:52]

  • Lesson 4: The excuses to not start my business were because I was scared [19:39]


  • "There's always something good in the obstacle that you're going through" [2:00]
  • "I have a new perspective on what I value" [10:43]

  • "I still want things, but now I want them when I can afford them" [17:07]
  • "The only way you can make changes is if you're willing to really look at the problems" [24:34]


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157. The excuses that stop us from taking action on our dreams!

In this episode, I debunk the excuses we tell ourselves why we "can't" do the THING.

I see you, I know how bad you want this dream and I know your feeling fearful... Read these words TWICE: You wouldn't be getting the idea if you weren't capable of carrying it out. So it's time to pull up your big girl pants and get moving! Let's talk about it in today's episode.



  • #1: Lack of time [4:41]

  • #2: Lack of money [8:14]

  • The amount of free resources are endless! [10:12]
  • #3: Lack of skills [12:25]

  • #4: Those scary "what-if's" [14:58]


  • "If you have something in your heart and you want it bad enough, you will make the time for it" [5:33]
  • "You have to be willing to be bad at something before you can get comfortable" [13:09]

  • "If you've been given a certain idea it's because you're the exact person to fulfill it" [14:04]
  • "Once you make a decision to take action, everything you need will fall into place" [17:39]

  • "You'll never find the...
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156. Real talk on feelings of failure as a business owner.

In this episode, I share some feelings that came up after an entrepreneur friend shared with me she was having a rough day and was feeling like a failure... it triggered me to have this very important chat with you all, as I know there are more people out there who feel like this often... the good news it's NORMAL!   Let's dig in!


  • Everybody has waves of feeling like a failure - you're not alone! [5:04]

  • No matter where you are in your business, you are going to have ups and downs [8:12]

  • Going through these obstacles will make you a better entrepreneur [11:34]
  • If you still have that spark you HAVE to keep going [13:28]


  • "Everybody has these moments of feeling like a failure but the worst thing you can do is quit" [6:09]
  • "Every obstacle that is put in our way is an opportunity to grow" [6:55]

  • "I either win or I learn" [14:32]
  • "When we stop forcing, we can allow the things we need to come in [16:41]


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