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138. 3 ways to grow your business for virtually free. building your business business coach free business tools podcast Nov 04, 2019

You can literally use these three tips to grow your business and they are virtually FREE!! Using the tips I share in this episode, I give you my top three tips on how to grow your audience which in turn grows your business. Grab a pen sister... you're going to love these three tips.



  • Tip 1: Grow your email list [1:44]

  • Tip 2: Live videos [6:49]

  • Tip 3: Being a guest...

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136. Why I think you should start using TikTok business coach podcast tik tok Nov 01, 2019

Are you on TikTok yet? I am! And in today's episode, I share why I'm using this app and why I think you should be using it too. Oh, and you should know that I am in no way affiliated with TikTok.

Follow me as I try and navigate this new TikTok app! Search @shanarecker!


  • What is TikTok? [1:40]

  • Why now is the time to jump on! [4:31]


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137. Therese Skelly: How your emotions and energy impact your results. business coach marketing consultant podcast therese skelly Nov 01, 2019

Therese Skelly works with high achieving women in business who are committed to making a difference. A former psychotherapist and marketing consultant, she focuses on helping her clients show up, and be fiercely and steadfastly present, to create their dream business and life. Working on the subtle level of energy and emotion, she supports them to step into the work their soul calls them to...

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Embrace Change And Know When To Pivot business coach conscious state of mind embracing change jen gallagher podcast Oct 28, 2019

If you are going through a hard time, overcoming an obstacle, making a pivot or wanting some inspiration in your life and looking for guidance as to what your next move is, this is the episode for you!


  • Working on your personal development is important in a business [8:05]

  • Spending your income faster than it’s coming in [12:19]

  • Sometimes it take a breaking point to...

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135. Why taking the WRONG path is still the RIGHT path. business coach podcast Oct 25, 2019

Isn't that the best news ever... there are really no wrong decisions, they all lead you in the RIGHT direction. In this episode, I share why I feel this is true.



  • The results of decision 1 will guide you for decision 2 [2:42]

  • The universe doesn't give you anything that you can't handle [11:16]


  • "You have to be in a space where you have trust that...

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134. Three areas in life to take ownership of RIGHT AWAY! extreme ownership leif babin podcast Oct 15, 2019

In today's episode, I share three areas that I believe you MUST take ownership of in your life RIGHT AWAY. Once you listen to this you will no longer be able to blame anyone else or any other thing for why you aren't where you want to be. You must take ownership of your life, your energy, your decisions and your results.


  • Taking ownership of what's going on in your life...

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Online Business Strategy with Mindy Hancock business strategy dream hustle guest interviews mindy handcock Oct 15, 2019

In this episode of The Mindy Mission, I talk about how I discovered my passion for coaching in and out of the network marketing industry. I discuss how I started my own online business that provides growth strategies for new entrepreneurs and a solid foundation for my clients to start to grow their own businesses.

  • My journey to entrepreneurship [2:08]

  • How I overcame...

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133. NYC changed everything for me! dream hustle kareen walsh new business new york personal devlopement podcast shana recker Oct 07, 2019

In New York
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in New York

These lyrics sum up my business mastery weekend with Kareen Walsh in NYC. I left feeling like anything was POSSIBLE. And that to make a Million Dollar revenue-generating business doing what I love was going to take more than I thought. I share my thoughts on what I learned over the weekend and...

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