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12. Update on online Coaching ethics and how I'm shifting my personal business.

coaching industry ethics in coaching Feb 28, 2023
Shana Recker, Graphic Designer & Kajabi Expert
12. Update on online Coaching ethics and how I'm shifting my personal business.

In this episode, I share an update on what I'm learning about the online coaching industry and ethical marketing. It's undoubtedly an eye-opener for sure. I also share some personal life lessons that have come up over the past few weeks as I do this work.

As I learn more, I'm re-evaluating my own business programs and marketing practices, so I can make the necessary changes to be better for this industry.

This isn't easy to do as someone guilty of using unethical marketing practices in the past. However, my business is helping new online entrepreneurs start their businesses. Hence, I feel it's important to know and understand ethical business practices to teach them to my clients.

It's a LOT to unpack.

This is how it's really going right now with me and all of this.


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