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Shana Recker
Graphic Designer, Kajabi Expert & Canva Pro.

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Design & Tech Services 

You prefer not to spend valuable time attempting to navigate the intricacies of technology and graphic design. Instead, you appreciate the convenience of having it professionally managed for you.

As a seasoned graphic designer and certified Kajabi Expert, I am equipped with the skills and experience to deliver top-notch results tailored to your unique requirements.

To discuss your specific needs and receive a personalized quote, kindly schedule a discovery call.

Websites range from $2500 to $5000+

Branding Packages & Lead Magnets start at $800.


Client Testimonials



Shana has been wonderful to work with and a huge asset for my team. She does everything Kajabi and graphic design related for my online business. Shana designed my new branding and website. She is very tech savvy which I really appreciate, she takes care of the backend of my business. She has a great understanding of the online business world and provides me with coaching as well as knows all the tech stuff! I highly recommend her if you're looking for well-rounded support.


 Where to begin! Shana has been an absolute dream to work with! I was on the
verge of giving up my dream of launching a course when I reached out to Shana. She took all of the stress out of building a course on Kajabi and I'm forever grateful. But she did more than just that, she came with fresh, innovative ideas to help me increase my reach and revenue. She walked me through every step and I had complete faith in her abilities from day one. Do yourself and your business a giant favor, and connect with Shana. Hiring her was one of my smartest business moves ever. 



If you're considering working with Shana, I just have to say, it's an absolute must. It's going to be one of the best investments you could ever make in your business. What separates Shana from other designers and other coaches is the fact that she understands the whole coaching ecosystem. So she is a coach herself, but she has that added dimension of being a graphic designer and a marketing person, a business coach.


I'm Shana 👋

A business consultant with a background in graphic design and expertise in Kajabi. My passion for design started at a young age, and I soon realized I could combine my artistic skills with my love for business.

As a graphic designer, I found a love for helping clients create beautiful brands. However, I knew they needed more than beautiful visuals - they needed a solid strategy to achieve their business goals. That's why I decided to expand my skill set and become a business consultant.

With my innovative ideas and problem-solving skills, I help clients map a comprehensive plan that takes their business to new heights...


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