S4. E66. Can you still be successful in an oversaturated market?

Have you ever said:
"The market's oversaturated!"
"My offer isn't unique!"
"There are so many other people doing what I want to do, am I too late?"

If you've ever felt like you couldn't be successful because of any or all of these reasons, then listen up! I'm here to share why you're business will be successful despite all of that!



  • All of these feelings, I have felt before [2:43]

  • There is no shortage of clients available in the online space [5:02]


  • "Just because others have found success, doesn't mean you can't also be successful" [3:17]

  • "You are the only person that can deliver what you want to deliver to the world" [3:31]

  • "The universe...
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Are you willing to do these things to be successful?

In this episode, I share a few things you need in order to be successful in business. If you seriously want your business to work, you have to make the decision today to be willing to push through these!




  • If you don't know something, make the effort to figure it out on your own [2:38]

  • You have to accept that you're not going to be perfect at everything right away [3:13]

  • Showing up as a regular human being who makes mistakes allows other to feel comfortable making mistakes too! [10:38]

  • Investing in yourself is key to growing your business [15:50] 


  • "You have to be willing to be bad before you'll be able to get good" [3:39]


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