S4. E26. How to stop comparing and start feeling inspired

I see you, you're online now more than ever and you're seeing what aaaalllllllll the other online coaches are doing and you're comparing yourself, feeling like you're just not as good, you're not doing enough so maybe you should just quit. If you can relate to this listen up. I've been down that rabbit hole myself and in this episode, I show you how to flip the switch when you start comparing yourself to others.



  • The comparison game affects everyone [2:12]

  • We've all been at the beginning of the journey at some point [4:33]

  • Unfollow people if that's what you need to do [6:15]
  • Some people are looking at you to compare themselves too! [7:09]


  • "You're no different than anyone else who's doing what you're doing" [4:20]
  • "The only way to find success in what you're doing is to do it authentically" [6:44]

  • "Do what you can to get the help you need in order to move through these steps faster" [9:01]


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