S4. E60. My Interview with Jen from Entourage

I recently sat down (virtually) with my friend Jen to talk ALL things about being an entrepreneur. We cover growing your email list, Instagram growth, how to start an online course and much more. Grab a pen and piece of paper for this one... there are a lot of great tips!



  • How I got started in the entrepreneur world [3:25]

  • Knowing when to pivot in your business [10:13]

  • Some advice on starting an online course [15:31]
  • Why you need an email list [22:22]

  • Some tips on how to build your email list [24:31]

  • My tips for building a landing page [39:11]
  • Some hacks for building your Instagram following [46:57]


  • "If you're hearing that whisper to...

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